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Deep in the abyss of my sock drawer

Posted on: May 28, 2011

Forrest Gump got it wrong. Sod the box of chocolates, life is like your sock drawer.

I’m not quite sure how or when it happened, all I know is that when I went to dress my cold toes a few mornings ago, I found every single sock to not match another.

My sock drawer. My life.

Their partner’s whereabouts are a mystery, having searched both my wash-basket & under my bed.  Aside from Wee Willie Winkie sneaking in and stealing them (I’ve never trusted that guy) the only other possibility is that there’s a sock swingers’ party going on somewhere I don’t know about.

My boyfriend’s intermingled sock drawer is cloaked beneath the fact that nearly all of his socks are black.  This shows how practical he is.  More than that he doesn’t care if he wears one black sock and the other a slightly faded grey; he’s far too cool to worry about that.  I’ve never been cool.

My assorted collection of brightly coloured, spotted, striped, flowered, frilly white socks is a lot like me; disorganised and all mixed up, with lots of colourful, lonely ideas, but nothing ever adds up because I haven’t got the patience to put things together.  If I search deep enough in my sock drawer will I find the answer to the meaning of life? Probably not, just one of those little lavender bags.


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