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Sing a rainbow

Posted on: February 17, 2011

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection splashed a glorious rainbow all over the catwalk. Marc Jacobs embraced the 70’s in incandescent chiffons and silks, bright floppy hats and big flowers in even bigger hair while Raf Simons dreamed in technicolour with his luminous creations.

From neon brights to the rich colours of royalty, go Crayola crazy on your wardrobe.

Whether you play with complementing colours or use a number of the same hues it’s all about experimenting with blocks of colour to achieve an electrifying combination.

Block citrus colours for a tropical feel.

SHARP IN CITRUS (click photo to enlarge)

Feel serene in sea shades. Royal blue and teal are the favoured, elegant match of the moment having graced both the recent BAFTAS and the Haider Ackermann catwalk.


SERENE SEA (click photo to enlarge)

Don’t be afraid to mix pinks and reds or oranges for a cheerful palate reminiscent of Indian saris.


HOT AND SPICY (click to enlarge)

For a fruity look mix berry hues.


BERRY GOOD (click to enlarge)

Colour Wheel

Colours that clash are not necessarily a bad combination as the ones that are opposite each other on the colour wheel complement one another and are a high contrast pairing sure to get you noticed.

If you are brave enough to go for conflicting colours it’s best to break them up with black or white as Raf Simons demonstrated beautifully.

Raf Simons on the Jil Sanders catwalk

However, unless you are a model on the Jil Sanders catwalk or presenting Children’s BBC, I suggest sticking to just 2 blocks of contrasting colour.

For those who don’t want to look like mobile traffic lights, perhaps you might be tempted by candy colours.

Marc Jacobs' candy colours

And if you still feel colour-shy you can always add a touch of adventure by accessorising in bold coloured nail-polish, a flower hair-clip or zingy shoes.


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I love the bright colors!

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